Why TEP ?

Features that should have a good distributor

Congratulations and thank you for visiting wholesale system TEP Distribution. The key to success is to work with a passion and a good relationship with their customers.
Here are some features of the experience provided an account in our system wholesale.

No Buy-In:

TEP does not require any steep buy-ins, low buy-ins, or buy-ins period for taking cooperation.

Huge inventory:

Our warehouse is continuously supplied, and we are able to provide 98% of the products from our extensive range.

Save money on freight :

We have a well-stocked warehouse, so you can order parts in one place thus saving on shipping and transports. Save your time and money.

We are not your competition:

TEP mainly focuses on wholesale. This means that we do not run expensive advertising campaigns and you buy directly from us, you do not have to worry that we will be your competition.

Quality Guarantee:

In undertaking to cooperate with us you get not only a guarantee of quality of service but also to guarantee the highest quality of products sold. Through our efforts, we offer only carefully selected manufacturers.

Competitive prices:

With our continually development we are able to offer the best prices in the market. We make a large orders directly with manufacturers so that you get the goods without unnecessary intermediaries.

Discount Policy:

Leading discount policy loyal to our regular wholesale customers, we are able to ensure them that the wholesale prices are available only for them, not for customers not closely linked to our company.

We work more than 11h a day:

As a young ambitious team, we try to work to the point where all the work will not be done until the end. No other wholesale network does not work as long as TEP. We are available from 8:00 to 19:30.

We are not just recipients of orders from customers:

Yes, it's true that our staff can take your order, but it's not they only function. All the staff are very well trained and are able to help in many ways. Numerous training helped get the knowledge we are pleased to use to provide expert advice on the products we sell as well as technical issues.

Online Tools:

We respect our customers' time! With our advanced system to gain wholesale access to inventory in real time. It is also a convenient and secure way to place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A lot of useful information such as the expected delivery features such as placing orders for various client departments, picking over a long period of time will facilitate and accelerate your work. In addition, it is a compendium of information obtained from our own experience that we would like to share with our customers.

Usually the same day:

This might sound obvious but often it is not, many companies promised that shipments go out the same day and in fact the person that does it is not able to keep up with their work. Our shipping department is fully staffed so that the shipments are carried out quickly and delivered on time.

Sales and promotions:

Our wholesale customers have the chance to take advantage of special promotions and sales. We are constantly in contact with producers with whom we arrange deals that may interest you. All information about sales and promotions are constantly involved in the system.


Our partners also provide dropshipping service that is able to present in your shop full of our offer and taking orders without having to handle the store. Shipping goods directly to the customer will take care our company. The role of the partner may be confined to the presentation of the offer, the order and the encashment fee. All your customer data is confidential and will not be used in the future to be contacted with your customers for marketing purposes.

Free newsletter:

Our customers are constantly informed about the latest news from the market. All, of course, is based and focused on our market which allows to achieve success.
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